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Our product

Glase is a mobile payment app accepted worldwide by more than 36 million contactless terminals. To use the Glase App you need a smartphone to either Tap & Pay or scan a QR code when you make purchases. It works on both Android and iOS. Download the app from Google Play or App Store to get started and make your smartphone your wallet – Handy payments!

With one single app there are several benefits: Tap & Pay with contactless terminals, Scan & Pay in-store and online, cashback on all purchases, send and receive money instantly, keep track of purchase history and a secure platform independent from any bank. Glase is the most widely used mobile payment solution in Europe. It can be downloaded in 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Our product

Our purpose

Our purpose is to continuously develop and provide an enticing, innovative product for our users as their primary payment solution. We are shaping the future of mobile payments and simplify the way people handle money everyday worldwide.

Our values


Your information will always be safe with us. Whether it’s your banking information or your personal information, we will handle it with care. You can pay, send and receive money safely and securely wherever you are. We are reliable and transparent and your ease of mind is what we value the most. We aim to make your everyday life as smooth as possible while you live it.


We are curious about the future and how new technology disrupts the way we live and use our smartphone in our daily life. Our way of working is agile and progressive. Collaboration is in our DNA. We are continuously exploring new ways to enhance and simplify seamless usage for a global lifestyle. We work endlessly to implement a consumer centric product for the future.


We are independent from any bank credit card provider, smartphone manufacturer or any other company. We are an independent international company. This means that when you use Glase you are as free and independent as we are.


There is no need to think about different currencies when you travel, borders are not an issue for us. You can pay in-store and online all over the world with a single app. Easily handle all of your financial needs, whilst making life easier and less complicated. We simplify your life!

Our management

Peter Fredell

Peter Fredell

Co-founder & CEO, has since the start of his career been involved in cutting edge technology in the financial industry and has held various senior positions in the international financial markets, at Bank Leu Zurich and Bankers Trust London, to mention a few. In 2008, he joined the board of directors at Seamless Distribution AB and accepted the CEO position in 2011. During 2011 he also invented SEQR, the Swedish mobile payment app. In October 2017, Peter, an acknowledged entrepreneur, co-founded Glase FinTech AB.
Annika Blomé

Annika Blomé

Co-founder & COO, is a successful entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in assembling and managing highly skilled and motivated teams who strive for business success and excellence. Previously, she was Project & Development Manager at Backbone Consulting, a Swedish based software company. In late 2017, she co-founded Glase FinTech AB. Annika will bring her extensive expertise to assure business growth and she will elevate the company’s innovation potential to an exceptional level.
Martin N. Larsson

Martin N. Larsson

Co-founder & Executive Vice President, has 20 years of experience within Equity Sales and Private Banking. His career began at Matteus Bank, today a part of Ålandsbanken. Thereafter, he joined the privately owned Penser Bank. Between 2008 and 2017, Martin was responsible for the establishment of Mangold Securities. In 2017, he joined as Treasury & IR at Seamless. At the end of 2017, Martin co-founded Glase FinTech AB. His two decades of experience in leadership positions will play an essential role in helping the company build investor and client relations.

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